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The social code of the present time hailed it as something frankly amusing.
Their topics include the language of the Pesher Scrolls, linguistic enigma and social code in the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice, aspects of the (morpho)syntax of the infinite in Qumran Hebrew, and the nature of Qumran Hebrew as revealed through Pesher Habakkuk.
What's most impressive about this book is Moalem's understanding of how science impacts our social code.
The Social Code tells the story of Amelia and Adam, twins raised in foster care who are attending Stanford University on scholarships.
The Jazz Age also was a time when American culture was evolving rapidly along with the increasing popularity of jazz music, and a time in which the country was developing a new social code for itself following a devastating war.
ISLAMIC sharia law is a moral and social code designed to help Muslims go about their daily lives.
He joins the great men and women of the earth who break the social code of who we are and who we can become.
These values stand in counterpoint to the tyrannical social code idealized by Al Qaeda and by related political groupings such as Afghanistan's Taliban.
The proposals contained only one member of the outgoing government of former President Mohammad Khatami, a reformist who tried to moderate the Islamic social code
The public display of intimacy between men and women is strictly forbidden by Arab social code, including holding hands or linking arms, or any gesture of affection such as kissing or prolonged touching.
Over that same time he absorbed a strict social code that including unfailing politeness and clean tennis whites.