social conduct

See: decorum
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We have to change our social conduct with regard to visiting or attending patients at hospitals.
But Twitter is also in the midst of tackling deeper problems, such as harassment and social conduct on the network, and those arent going to be addressed by simply giving people more room to express themselves.
In a time of high unemployment, volunteering for crucial causes can help to transform youth angst and turn focus into more beneficial social conduct.
I don't wish to impugn the social conduct of Italian waiters, but I would suggest that they are not recognised as a symbol of sexual propriety and any comparison with the hideous Ceausescu regime of the 1980's is just glib nonsense.
In order to unlock the full potential of digital solutions in driving inclusion and improving business and social conduct, Mastercard has partnered with governments, businesses, civil society organisations, merchants, developers and other pioneers to implement payment solutions that will make a real difference to businesses and their customers across Africa.
This encyclopedia details instances of offensive and inappropriate behaviors in American history and shows how Americans condemned these behaviors, including religious customs, etiquette and manners, taboos on sexuality, legal decisions, and social conduct.
Nonetheless, unpacking what sexual orientation and sexual social conduct means takes a big role in the overall understanding of sexuality, as highlighted by the course.
He said: "Schools are supposed to be institutions for education and building up some kind of social conduct and conscience.
Thus, assessing the social conduct of children and adolescents represents a first step in the planning of more effective interventions; this may drastically reduce the long-term costs of chronic antisocial behaviors to individuals and to society in a broad sense (Romeo et al.
In addition, theater is basic for protecting social conduct and enhancing the concept of good citizenships among the Arab people, he added.
He calls this "the golden rule of social conduct and the first principle of the whole ethical and social order.
Commenting on the players' performance, MUSS coach Matt Johnson said: "We have seen a remarkable improvement in the team's performance -- they have progressed in terms of understanding and demonstrating various technical skills and most importantly, they learnt to practice teamwork with great social conduct on and off the pitch.

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