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An agreement, treaty, or contract.

The term compact is most often applied to agreements among states or between nations on matters in which they have a common concern.

The Constitution contains the Compact Clause, which prohibits one state from entering into a compact with another state without the consent of Congress.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

COMPACT, contracts. In its more general sense, it signifies an agreement. In its strict sense, it imports a contract between parties, which creates obligations and rights capable of being enforced, and contemplated as such between the parties, in their distinct and independent characters. Story, Const. B. 3, c. 3; Rutherf. Inst. B. 2, c. 6, Sec. 1. 2. The constitution of the United States declares that "no state shall, without the consent of congress, enter into agreement or compact with another state, or with a foreign power." See 11 Pet: 1; 8 Wheat. 1 Bald. R. 60; 11 Pet. 185.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Rawls suggested a solution within a social contract, possible at least theoretically and philosophically.Social Contract Theories according to the World Bank and the International Monetary FundRawls and many other thinkers, such as Amartya Sen, have rehabilitated the "social contract" theory within social philosophy and development thinking at the international level.
The success of Western-style democracy after World War II was based on national social contracts: citizens paid taxes, and the state provided the conditions for steady economic progress, along with secure jobs, a social safety net, and redistributive policies that narrowed the income gap between owners and workers.
This is why more, not less, debates are needed on what should be the social contract for the 21st century.
Yet again, the region could not carry on with the existing social contract.
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The social contract Mr Sharif is calling for appears to be benefiting him rather than the general populace.
Malacanang has welcomed the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill by the House committee on public information, saying the proposed measure is 'an act that affirms the government's social contract with the people.'
By expounding on the historical development of the notion of the social contract -- a key element of works by political philosophers Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and John Locke -- Jennings gives his ideas a solid theoretical underpinning.
Abdullah's shaving sparked ridicule and anger among Saudi fans who noted that the kingdom had bigger fish to fry, including changes to its social contract as a result of financial austerity, budget deficits because of tumbling oil prices, a stalled war in Yemen, proxy wars with Iran in Syria and elsewhere, and uncertainty about its relationship with the United States, the Gulf's main protector,
Summary: The social contract between the state and the people is broken.
This type of scholarly attention is welcomed because even though Rousseau wrote the Social Contract more than 250 years ago, it continues to divide scholars to this day.