social elevation

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The chairman of the parliamentary committee on Social, Humanitarian and Social Elevation, Mohamed Ahmed Hamid Shaib, said it was equally important that the work of the said committee covers each of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates where some issues related to the presence of the Sudanese nationals require solutions and streamlining.
She juxtaposes famous incidents (such as the assassination of the Leeward Islands' Governor Daniel Parke at the turn of the eighteenth century, or the Civil War era disputes over land grants on Barbados) against the disruption caused by the marriage of Jane Long, a white woman, to Peter Perkins, a free man of color on Barbados in the 1680s, and Mary Pole's social elevation into the Caribbean elite via a series of strategic marriages at the end of the seventeenth century.
One of the many original insights of this study is a recognition of how Mariette's later reputation as a connoisseur and an associate of the Academie Royale (marks of his social elevation) was in fact grounded in knowledge gained from his early training within the print trade.
Sally Bercow is trouble, a shrill meddler who dropped out of Keble College, Oxford, for a career in advertising, who now trades on her social elevation.
are equal in the eyes of the IRS if their marriage took place in a state that recognizes same sex marriage; insurance benefits for same sex spouses in the work place; and the unquantifiable social elevation, has created ripples of equality that are still expanding with no end in sight.
"a system of removable inequalities, where many people are inferior to and worse off than others, but in which each may in theory hope to be on the level with the highest below the throne, and in which each may reasonably, and without sanguine impracticability, hope to gain one step in social elevation, to be at least on a level with those who at first were just above them" (qtd.
While empirical accounts of such social elevation remain scant in most places, it behooves scholars to consider carefully what 'art' might have meant in this or that place, before considering what modern art has come to mean.
"Highlighting the role played by women in social elevation and peace
This takes into account societal mores of the time: gift and counter-gift, social elevation through writing and its opposite, the sense that being paid for writing was only for lower classes.
A sardonic couplet mocked the quick social elevation of bandits: "Unless he's been a bandit, no man can be an officer; unless she's been a trollop, no woman can be a noble lady." (123)
The wonderfully named Rural Organisation for Social Elevation was judged Best Volunteering Programme for its work improving education and health in the Kanda community in India.
Ironically Annie is seeking social elevation by marrying him and can see no value in going to Australia where the name of Delavel would mean nothing.

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