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Any person involved in a transaction or proceeding. A group of voters organized for the purpose of influencing governmental policy, particularly through the nomination and election of candidates for public office.

Plaintiffs and defendants are Parties in lawsuits, for example. They have the right to make claims and defenses, offer proof, and examine and cross-examine witnesses at trials. They can pursue appeals after unsatisfactory judgments if they satisfy designated criteria.In the United States, the Democrats and the Republicans make up the two major national political parties.


Democratic Party; Republican Party.


n. 1) one of the participants in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding who has an interest in the outcome. Parties include plaintiff (person filing suit), defendant (person sued or charged with a crime), petitioner (files a petition asking for a court ruling), respondent (usually in opposition to a petition or an appeal), cross-complainant (a defendant who sues someone else in the same lawsuit), or cross-defendant (a person sued by a cross-complainant). 2) a person or entity involved in an agreement. 3) a common reference by lawyers to people or entities involved in lawsuits, transactions, contracts, accidents, as in "both parties knew what was expected," "he is a party to the contract," "he was not a party to the criminal conspiracy..." (See: plaintiff, defendant, petitioner, respondent, contract, indispensable party, necessary party, proper party, real party in interest)


(Litigant), noun adversary, appellant, appellee, challenger, charger, claimant, complainant, contender, contestant, controversialist, defendant, disputant, libelant, opposing party, petitioner, plaintiff, suitor
Associated concepts: adverse party, defect in parties, disinnerested party, indispensable party, jurisdiction of parties, material party, mutuality of parties, necessary parties, nommnal party, nonjoinder of parties, opposing party, party-in practice, prevailing party, proper party, real party in interrst, substantial party
Foreign phrases: Saepe constitutum est, res inter alios juuicatas aliis non praejudicare.It has often been decided that matters adjudged between others ought not to prejuuice those who are not parties.


(Participant), noun attendant, cooperator, partaker, participator, partisan, partner, sharer
Associated concepts: accommodation party, competent party, guilty party, injured party, innocent party, real party in interest, third party


(Political organization), noun association, body, caucus, club, coalition, combine, confederation, faction, group, league, lobby, organized group, party machine, political machine
See also: actor, amicus curiae, appellant, applicant, assemblage, character, complainant, constituency, contender, contributor, denomination, individual, litigant, participant, person, petitioner, privy, side

PARTY, practice, contracts. When applied to practice, by party is understood either the plaintiff or defendant. In contracts, a party is one or more persons who engage to perform or receive the performance of some agreement. Vide Parties to contracts; Parties to 'actions; Parties to a suit in equity.

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The key to minimizing the likelihood of a successful lawsuit based on the theory of respondeat superior is to minimize the connection between a work-related social event and employment.
She said: ``A minority of people would exclude someone new from a social event in work.
SUPPORTERS of former MEP Christine Oddy have arranged social events to help raise money for her general election campaign.
BOSTON -- OpSec Security, the global leader in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, announced its selection by Victoria Racing Club (VRC), host of the Emirates Melbourne Cup and Melbourne Cup Carnival, Australia's most celebrated sporting and social event, to provide intellectual property infringement monitoring services for all VRC brands and trademarks.
In just a short number of years, Samba et Soleil has become one of the City's favorite summer social events and a chance for young people to enjoy an evening of festive food, drinks and dancing," said Linda M.
In the same period of time, Stacks became involved with the Young Mortgage Bankers Association of America, an organization that hosts lectures, business luncheons, and social events for the real estate industry professionals.
It's fun to see all the people in our church rally to the call of duty to put on an exciting social event for the community.
Considered to be the premiere social event in Las Vegas, Nevada Ballet Theatre's Black & White Ball is the organization's largest fundraiser.
As the Daily News reported Thursday, some district employees solicited area businesses for door prizes and pressured co-workers to obtain contributions for their social event, apparently in violation of district policy.
In addition to hosting an exhibit booth and sponsoring an evening social event for conference attendees, Digital River will give keynote addresses and present breakout sessions.
The event provides corporations and individuals a unique opportunity to help offset the funding shortages currently being experienced by the college and enjoy a very unique social event at the same time,'' said LaVerne Harris, co-chairwoman of the event.
It is a big social event, but one of the big attractions is the competition,'' Robinson said.

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