social inquiry report

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social inquiry (or enquiry) report

a report on a person and his or her circumstances, which may be required by a court before sentencing and is made by a probation officer or a social worker from a local authority social services department. Sometimes it is an essential preliminary to any question of a custodial sentence.
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As previously stated, equal numbers of (pre-1992) social inquiry reports and (post 1992) pre-sentence reports were obtained from each probation and youth justice service participating in the research; the actual numbers acquired from each are given in Table 1.
Sheriff Andrew Mackie deferred sentence until later in the month pending a social inquiry report.
In order to ensure full consideration of these issues in as many cases as possible, the Act requires a PSR to be prepared in a number of situations in which, under earlier legislation, consideration of a Social Inquiry Report (SIR) would have been optional.
Sheriff Jack McGowan noted that in a social inquiry report the girl's head teacher maintained that she was a pupil of Killen's at school as well as at his home.
Foye was due to be sentenced at the high court in Edinburgh yesterday after he admitted rape, but judge Lady Smith called for a lifelong restriction report after a social inquiry report warned he still poses a high risk of violence.
Magistrates adjourned sentence until May 31 for a social inquiry report and warned that all options - including custody - were being left open.
After revealing his central finding that the numbers of custodial sentences given to black defendants do appear to be attributable to the race factor in some courts, Dr Hood looks at sentence lengths, non-custodial sentences, and then attempts to account for sentencing differences by addressing the circumstances of apprehension of the offender; whether he was remanded in custody or on bail; whether a social inquiry report was presented and if so what was its recommendation.
Sheriff Lindsay Foulis deferred sentence for six months for the couple to be of good behaviour and for a social inquiry report.
The Crawfords' application to foster children was revealed in a social inquiry report.
The real question is how long and I will need a social inquiry report to help me.
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