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Navigating Rough Terrain: The Lens of Social Navigation
Additionally we started to explore the constructs of social navigation and awareness being advanced in the Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) literature.
Like EDUCO, it is a real-time system using social navigation to provide a communication-based approach to browsing.
QuickTake fuels social navigation with first-of-its kind user-generated content sorting via tags, maximizing the impact of reviewer profiles and review dimension data via navigation that is entirely created and controlled by the consumer.
It is the first real-time social navigation app that enables users to find happenings, friends, deals, events and featured places, then communicate, schedule and share through a unified interface.
Industry-First in Social Navigation Leverages New Communication Channels for BMW Financial Services' Customers While Driving Brand Loyalty
Findings from a recently completed study by the e-tailing group, "Social Shopping Study 2007," authenticated the growing importance of customer reviews in the online shopping decision-making process with 93 percent of consumers indicating they are likely to start their shopping process on a Website that offers Social Navigation.
Enabled by patent-pending PowerTags(TM) technology, Social Navigation dynamically incorporates product tags -- succinct descriptive terms -- gathered during the customer review process directly into a Web store's primary navigation.
com, the company has entered the consumer portal market, leveraging its tag-based technology to introduce social navigation and affinity recommendations into the shopping research process for consumers.
The entry, "NetShops Social Merchandising: Energizing our shoppers from beginning to end of their shopping process" focused on PowerReviews' "social shopping" tools - customer reviews, social merchandising and social navigation.
Social Navigation, Search Engine Marketing offerings headline solutions aimed at next-generation eCommerce and online media sites