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Social navigation offers a powerful alternative to conventional linear conceptualizations of refugee settlement, highlighting temporal dimensions, via the dual focus on the "immediate" (the realities of the present and proximate needs) and the "imagined" (aspirations and visions of the future).
We are not the first to draw attention to the merits of social navigation as a conceptual lens for rethinking refugee settlement.
The three factors shown in Table 1 are characterized as social navigation, social-presence, and connectedness, with Cronbach's coefficient alpha respectively of .92, .84, and .95.
These statements resonate with the construct of social navigation as using information from others to help make decisions (Dieberger, Dourish, Hook, Resnick, & Wexelblat, 2000).
Like EDUCO, it is a real-time system using social navigation to provide a communication-based approach to browsing.
Although there is a relatively low level of explicit communication, the social navigation cues it provides are an especially powerful stigmergic mechanism.
Given the formulaic, yet contrastive portrayal of these youth, we draw upon the concept of social navigation. Through its emphasis on the tactical and, at times, unexpected ways in which individuals navigate circumstances beyond their control, the concept offers additional insight into the resettlement experiences of separated children by highlighting not only the discursive and material terrain these young people must contend with, but also the strategies they employ to do so.
Navigating Rough Terrain: The Lens of Social Navigation
With the notion of social navigation in mind, one may argue that a good course sequencing technique could rely solely on past learners' chosen paths and performances in recommending new paths or "the next nodes".
Therefore, we argue that time decaying is a significant feature that any stochastic mechanism for social navigation should not ignore, especially for domains that is dynamic and may change over time.
Endeca's Social Navigation Module can be used with best-of-breed social media software from Endeca's strategic partners, as well as in-house solutions, and includes:
Moreover, the notion of social navigation defined as "a construct representing being aware of what others are doing as a primary guide for one's own action" (Laffey et al., 2006, p.166) means using information about the action of others to guide action and decision making.