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The authors' conclusion is that in the next ten years, your organization's ability to evolve into a social organization may determine whether it thrives, survives, or disappears.
The argument, and indeed the state of affairs, that asks to be refuted is this: the world, for all that it may be reverential toward religion, is no longer referential to religion in its social organization.
The twenty-year difference in Wilson's and Moynihan's understanding of when the social organization of black communities deteriorated is no small matter and reveals the glaring weakness in Wilson's 'work.
Tough Sentences and Social Organization Improvement?
Institutional and social organization, social-psychological pressures, politics, and economic incentives all shape the pursuit of knowledge, and social epistemology is well poised to explain how such social processes help or hinder efforts to develop a better understanding of the real world.
His own introduction reveals broad cultural knowledge of German social organization and contemporary literature from the late nineteenth century onwards.
A typical group operates like any other social organization with a special interest.
In particular, these new data show that the parallels between Babylonian and post-exilic forms of cultic and social organization were substantially more far-reaching than presently recognized in Biblical scholarship.
of Massachusetts) examine how the social organization of education and work have become so intertwined.
Insights from recent industry research on how and why to invest in building competency into your social organization and plan
The study opens with a concise introduction that articulates Hoerder's paradigms and opens his discussion of the systems approach and of a meso-level understanding of migrant decision making, bringing the reader up to date with the latest of theories about the social organization of human migration.
Also, lizards, which are evolutionarily closer to snakes than frogs are, have shown much more variety and sophistication in social organization than researchers had expected.