social procedures

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Within a month there was not a city anywhere in which the ordinary law and social procedure had not been replaced by some form of emergency control, in which firearms and military executions were not being used to keep order and prevent violence.
Regarding increasing the tax exemption announced by the president, El-Garhy said that it will cost the state's public treasury about EGP 8-7bn in the form of tax revenues which the state would give up in favour of citizens, where they would increase the income of Egyptian families, in addition to a package of social procedures approved by the president.
Second: preventing the risk that Gorran and their allies have posed, which needs some political, legal and social procedures to take including: - Raising people's social and moral awareness in respect to dividing the Kurdistan Region.
Environmental aspects : Environmental and social procedures adopted by the Promoter and their compliance with the standards of the Bank will be verified during the investigation, especially in relation to the assessment of environmental and social impacts and mitigation and compensation measures envisaged under of the environmental and social impact Assessment (ESIA).
The EU Neighbourhood Investment Facility funded technical cooperation activities and environmental assessments and will support the implementation of environmental and social procedures as well as health and safety standards.
In that ease, Halloran's and Ferguson's models indicate, social procedures such as canceling schools and dismissing office workers could be of particular importance.
Both family and child need protection from the hazards liable to be connected with the complicated readjustment of human lives involved in the social procedures of an adoption," Carstens insisted.
Having announced that marriage and courtship are central to the Shakespearian canon (no great revelation there), Cook goes on to assert that a knowledge of Renaissance practices in relation to the legal and social procedures surrounding the cementing of heterosexual relationships is something that will serve to augment an understanding of the plays themselves: 'Making a Match comes under the heading of homework, the essential if time-consuming task of finding out what certain kinds of behavior once signified'.
Taken together, the social procedures of regulation cannot be the result of class collaboration nor simply the product of specific economic policies associated with the need to accommodate mass production, productivity, wages, and consumption.
Environmental and Social Summary : National Bank of Greece is required to comply with the EBRD's Performance Requirements 2, 4 and 9, adopt and implement Environmental and Social Procedures for SME loans and submit Annual Environmental and Social Reports to the EBRD.
During a Tuesday meeting, Al-Sisi said that facing terrorism is not only about security, which is pivotal, but also about economic and social procedures.
The social procedures will protect limited- and low-income citizens, or 70 per cent of the society from the ramifications of higher prices, the premier added.

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