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This shows a significant degree of differential engagement in labour organised by social rank.
Within the wider society a woman's status is further consolidated by her social rank, degree of piety, class position and kin relations (lineage).
Bush (although it didn't prevent Bernanke from becoming chairman of the Federal Reserve) There is a fascinating chapter on Louis XIV, who was a youth when dressing to express social rank was at its height.
But perhaps only the mind of Jasper Fforde could produce a world where social rank is measured by the Munsell Color System.
They overview her life and works, and discuss her novels within cultural and historical context, especially social mores and women's roles during the period; critical reception from Austen's time to the present; language in Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion; Emma; how Austen challenged concepts about women's reading and writing; the absence of sex in her novels; the aesthetic movement and the picturesque; feminism; themes of social rank and status; early versions of her works; and Christian humility.
This second section of the book closes with a chapter on social dominance and fitness in Black-capped Chickadees, summarizing the voluminous (and sometimes equivocal) work on establishment and maintenance of chickadee social hierarchy, the behavioral correlates of social rank and the correlation of social rank with reproductive success.
Some are more obscure, such as the symbols revealing criminal history, social rank and sexual orientation.
His emphases on the slight differences of opinion between select persons of low social rank in Virginia compared with select persons of high social rank in South Carolina raises at least three questions.
By culling data from Surrey hearth-tax records and from a map of Middlesex, he sites houses whose occupants were both "citizens and gentlemen" (12) and broadens his analysis of social rank and building activities to other parts of England.
They describe the evolutionary legacy of neuropsychiatric epidemiology, analyzing the classical genetics of mania and depression, its population and quantitative genetics, molecular genetics, its parallels with other evolutionary epidemiologies such as sickle cell anemia, the incidence of an excess of bipolar disorder evidence, and the use of such interdisciplinary methods as evolutionary anthropology, game theory, sociobiology, neurotransmission of social rank and alliance, and the neuropathologies of talent.
Such features point, rather, to a female author, who would have been of the highest social rank and thus an expert on Welsh government in action, including even an invasion of Ireland (p.
The Legend of Baeoh: How Baeoh Got His Stripes is a children's picturebook about a young tiger born without stripes, amid a clan of tigers who determine social rank by stripe count.