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In the EI group, anxiety, negative attitude toward teachers, atypicality, social stress, depression, external locus of control, and sense of incapacity all decreased over time.
The scales provide information on the extent to which the child reports generalized fears, oversensitivity, and worry (anxiety scale; 17 items; [alpha] = .87); feelings of loneliness, sadness, and hopelessness (depression scale; 17 items; [alpha] = .88); the child's perception as to who has control over his/her life (locus of control scale; 16 items; [alpha] = .87); the child's belief in the ability to achieve at expected levels (sense of inadequacy scale; 12 items; [alpha] = .77); and the level of stress children experience when interacting with peers (social stress; 12 items; [alpha] = .81).
Prepared presentations include work on violence, social stress, poverty and children's mental health.
By touching on a remarkable range of issues (not only the predictable discussion of fisheries, aquaculture, and offshore oil development, but also health care restructuring, rural education, nutrition, and substance abuse) and a diverse array perspectives including science, sociology, history, and geography (to name only a few of the disciplinary approaches in the volume), the authors attempt to synthesize the multiple lines of causation that have produced collapsed fisheries, depopulated communities, and social stress among rural families in coastal regions.
Among various types of stress, in this study, three different types of social stress were defined and examined: general social stress, process-oriented stress, and discrimination (Chavez, Moran, Reid, & Lopez, 1997; Compas, Orosan, & Grant, 1993).
Indeed, it's not just conservatives: Political scientist William Galston, a former adviser to President Clinton, has argued that marriage is a key component of poverty alleviation, and that government must "strengthen [two-parent] families by promoting their formation, assisting their efforts to cope with contemporary economic and social stress, and retarding their breakdown whenever possible." The most prominent recent effort in this vein is President Bush's Healthy Marriage Initiative, run by the Department of Health and Human Services and funded to the tune of $100 million annually, most of which goes to fund educational or mentoring programs in which couples learn "relationship skills," often by means of grants filtered through faith-based organizations.
External stress originates outside the relationship and includes work related stress, financial difficulties, stress related to children, social stress, and stress related to the extended family.
Identity processes and social stress. American Sociological Review, 56, 836-849.
Challenges to nursing practice come in the form of questionable use of unlicensed assistive personnel, lack of appropriate resources, a community that is under social stress with increased levels of drug use, and an inability to pay for services.
We applied repeated, mild chronic stress to male and female rats to model social stress, an increasingly important concern in today's world.
Depression, cognitive impairment and social stress in multiple sclerosis.