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The speakers shared their thoughts on the concept of socialisation, the institutions of socialisation and its determining factors as well as answered questions asked by the audience.
The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Sola Fajana called on the federal government to focus attention in the development of education in the country, saying it remains the core agent of socialisation for the all-around build-up of a university graduate in Nigeria.
Recognition of an adjustment period undergraduate and new nurses require, is paramount to meeting the anticipated socialisation of these new professionals (Phillips et al 2015; Brown et al 2012; Brown et al 2011).
The socialisation approach developed here carries a presecriptive suggestion that if men experienced a different form of socialisation, or that they could develop particular skills later in life through therapy, then many of the relationship issues between men and women would be able to be resolved more easily.
Understanding the socialisation process of teen consumers across shopping channels.
The process of political socialisation of adolescents includes more than the acquisition of knowledge about society, citizenship and the political system.