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Jean Darlaston, who works as a volunteer puppy socialiser, has spent 13 years getting puppies ready for intensive training.
Legendary socialiser Brazil stumbled his way through the opening sequence of TalkSport's early morning show on Friday and bosses are now deciding whether to sack the popular front-man, who is running out of 'warnings'.
I was never a big socialiser, and wasn't a great one for drinking, and by the time I was 22, I had married.
Throughout this time, she was a convivial socialiser, which helped her become an actors'agent, always seeking new talent.
To find out more about becoming a puppy socialiser, call Liz Stone on 01295 759827, or visit www.
Being a good socialiser and providing a few laughs?
I'm not a regular socialiser because of the hours my job takes up.
He is a natural socialiser and a natural with the opposite sex, but if he is human at all there will now be one over-riding thought on his mind - revenge.