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Try not to feel pressured by your friends when you're out socialising, and stay out of rounds, so you're in control of how much you're drinking.
And a new sixth-form centre will provide environments for studying, collaborative work and socialising
The survey predicts a steep fall in spend on socialising and taking Christmas breaks, falling by 26% to pounds 5.
Spending time relaxing in the garden is equally popular, with 20% of people spending between two and three hours a week socialising in their garden, while the same proportion spend between six and 10 hours there and 4% claim to spend more than 31 hours a week in their garden.
Those in a relationship, but not living together, will spend pounds 4,056 on socialising this year - almost four times more than their married counterparts (pounds 1,058).
Professional services firm Deloitte apparently found people in the region were planning to spend less on Christmas socialising than those in any other part of the country.
But one in 10 admitted they did not enjoy socialising with workers, with many describing colleagues as boring.
Getting an office-life balance could be a priority as LinkedIn found that socialising with colleagues not only creates a better, more productive working environment but it can also help you get ahead.
If that doesn't work, socialise separately, but that won't work if much of the socialising is done in your home.
ROBERT WISE AGE: 16 AMBITION: undecided INTERESTS: socialising with friends and computer games HOME: lives in Cheylesmore with mum, dad and older sister VERDICT: A fake tree is better.