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And a new sixth-form centre will provide environments for studying, collaborative work and socialising
More than 60% claimed to have curbed their spending on socialising, and Welsh students are among the most likely to have taken into account the cost of their accommodation when deciding where to study.
DUNNE FOR: Manchester City defender RIchard Dunne (centre) seen socialising days before their final game
The survey predicts a steep fall in spend on socialising and taking Christmas breaks, falling by 26% to pounds 5.
Two out of five people spend more than four hours working in their garden each week during the summer, while nine out of 10 spend at least an hour socialising in it, a survey showed yesterday.
Getting married cuts the cost of socialising by about pounds 2,548 a year, a survey has found.
Professional services firm Deloitte apparently found people in the region were planning to spend less on Christmas socialising than those in any other part of the country.
But one in 10 admitted they did not enjoy socialising with workers, with many describing colleagues as boring.
ROBERT WISE AGE: 16 AMBITION: undecided INTERESTS: socialising with friends and computer games HOME: lives in Cheylesmore with mum, dad and older sister VERDICT: A fake tree is better.
Professor Sally Burrows, Associate Dean of Bradford University's School of Management said: "In the past socialising was as much a part of university life as attending lectures, but this shows the university experience has radically changed.
MOST Britons are a friendly bunch, socialising with people of all ages and being chummy with their neighbours, a survey has found.