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The partnership will see Socialize, recently acquired by We Are Social, handle Volkswagen's social and digi- tal strategy across the entire GCC, Lebanon and Jordan markets.
Initially, Socialize was a typical liquor store, according to owner Gurbinder Singh.
We do, and offer this valuable information via workshops and webinars to assist marketers and businesses,” assures Nikki Means, CEO of Project Socialize.
20 March 2013 - US social web ShareThis Inc said today that it had taken over mobile applications solutions provider Socialize Inc and received USD23m (EUR17.8m) in a Series C funding round.
This observation focused on continuing the number of gathering rooms used by the aged to socialize and the number of social interaction occurred in the room.
Millennials socialize with more people and with more types of friends, including nonwork friends, siblings, parents, roommates, work friends or colleagues, and supervisors.
Since people have a variety of choices about who to socialize with, people have to come across as different to prove their unique worth.
"These findings--and the work of others--imply that decreasing sedentary behavior and increasing active leisure activities may require meaningful relationships with friends, as friendships may help to promote or 'socialize' active lifestyles."
In one such study, Santos, Hammond, Durli and Chou (2009) studied students in Singapore and Brazil, and discovered that many of the Brazilian students used SNWs to socialize and discuss their studies while the Singaporean students used such Websites for social interactions only.
Dogs and all animals, including humans, do socialize. To a behaviorist, "socialize" means two (or more) animals of the same species are engaged in some sort of social interaction so that there is a change in the behavior of at least one of them.
In hindsight, as we socialized our capabilities with our stakeholders, we should have made a more focused effort to socialize the means by which we provided our capability: the RDC.
Along the Mexican border, for instance, government officials potently mixed the languages of race, class and disease as they sought to exclude, rather than discipline and socialize, potential immigrant entrants.