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There is a need to enhance the oversight functions of Congress in relation to socialized and low-cost housing," Benitez said.
Go to a socialized link and the PageSocializer toolbar appears atop the page.
Medical decisions under socialized medicine are taken out of the hands of affected individuals and handed over to a board of governors, an appointed government body, a blue ribbon citizen's council, or doctors--all of which covet the role of God by their decisions, thereby, inherently demoting God to our base level.
What's interesting about the latest reincarnation of a familiar conservative bogeyman is that none of the soldiers in the war against socialized medicine ever calls for the abolition of the Veterans Affairs hospital system or the military health care program, much less Medicare, Medicaid or the vast network of city, county and state government-run hospitals throughout the nation.
And are you aware that in Sweden 25% (1/4) of all paychecks is withheld for social security including the socialized medicine program of that country?
Socialized medicine is an egalitarian system in which health care is a universal right that does not involve personal responsibility, and in which health care services are delivered, paid for and evaluated only by a government.
Fortunately for society, well-socialized children generally become well-socialized adults; poorly socialized youngsters generally do not.
Congress could enact an improved version of these provisions into law, giving states and cities greater freedom to sell or lease these socialized enterprises.
The measure shall include the owners and developers of condominium projects among those mandated to contribute to the production of socialized housing.
Those who scorn socialized medicine might ponder two recent findings from a study by the Commonwealth Fund of 6,957 recently hospitalized patients from the United States, Britain and five other countries with state-run health care.
This is predominantly the view of those who recommend that the United States develop a system of socialized medicine similar to that employed in Canada or that the current Medicare system be extended to everyone regardless of age.