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Aguinaldo said Section 21 of HB 3041 requires socialized housing units built in resettlement areas to:
However, OSHDP president Jefferson Bongat said the price adjustments and the accompanying increase in design standards for socialized housing projects are not viable and unrealistic.
Gonzlez socialized at the UN programs of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MINTIC) as the Relay Center, Cinema for all and Convertic, initiatives that allow people with disabilities to use technologies autonomously and ensure the use and appropriation of ICT.
The city has developed affordable medium rise buildings known as "Bistekville Socialized Housing Projects" for qualified city residents.
Likewise, the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board shall provide aid to the LGUs in identifying the local government-owned properties that can also be used for socialized housing purposes.
If quality of care is the standard by which the system is to be judged, Britain's socialized system has always been a failure: Fifty years after the NHS began, the U.K.
There were no differences between the average daily weight gain of the piglets socialized prior to weaning (0.25 [+ or -] 0.01 kg/day) and the piglets that were not socialized prior to weaning (0.23 [+ or -] 0.01 kg/day).
Medical decisions under socialized medicine are taken out of the hands of affected individuals and handed over to a board of governors, an appointed government body, a blue ribbon citizen's council, or doctors--all of which covet the role of God by their decisions, thereby, inherently demoting God to our base level.
What's interesting about the latest reincarnation of a familiar conservative bogeyman is that none of the soldiers in the war against socialized medicine ever calls for the abolition of the Veterans Affairs hospital system or the military health care program, much less Medicare, Medicaid or the vast network of city, county and state government-run hospitals throughout the nation.
The medical profession has been and is being accused of selfish interests in [our] efforts to defeat or delay socialized medicine.
If the government provided health care, that would be socialized medicine.
A puppy that meets many different people--but spends most of his time shying away from them or barking at them--is not becoming well socialized.