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Mary McGrory, another Post columnist, calls journalist-source socializing "calculated.
Socializing and mentoring college students of color: The Puente Project as an exemplary celebratory socialization model.
We--and more importantly executives looking for answers--need a channel to exchange our opinions and experiences, which drove our informal group to develop the idea of Socializing Media as a podcast and discussion forum.
There's a difference between socializing at a public event and accepting a gift of a hunting trip and a ride on Air Force Two.
Dance provides so many outstanding benefits, not only to networking and socializing, but also in health, mind and body.
They are things that people can most quickly and usefully use, whether they're socializing, buying, selling or networking, online or offline.
If the food preparation involves the whole family socializing, sometimes opt for the more extensive homemade meals.
E[acute accent]With over 1,700 members, MAA is an important advocate for physician issues as well as a valuable resource for education, socializing, community service, referrals and legislative support.
In exchange, Dance Hosts spend their evenings ballroom dancing, dining and socializing with single ladies traveling on the cruise.
In the same way W Hotels broke through the clutter of conformity in the upscale hotel arena, aloft will raise the bar in the select-service category, offering urban-inspired, loft-like guest rooms, enhanced technology services, landscaped outdoor spaces for socializing day and night, and an energetic lounge scene.
Some people indulge in letting their pets run free as they sit in lounge chairs socializing with their friends.
A Pixel Chix(TM) pal comes to life in her virtual home when girls engage her in activities like those from their own everyday lives, such as trying on fashions and socializing with friends.