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SOCIETY. A society is a number of persons united together by mutual consent, in order to deliberate, determine, and act jointly for some common purpose.
     2. Societies are either incorporated and known to the law, or unincorporated, of which the law does not generally take notice.
     3. By civil society is usually understood a state, (q.v.) a nation, (q.v.) or a body politic. (q.v.) Rutherf. Inst. c. 1 and 2.
     4. In the civil law, by society is meant a partnership. Inst. 3, 26; Dig. 17, 2 Code, 4, 37.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Though a dear creature to whom I am tenderly attached, he is, socially speaking, shocking.
To him it was the proper way for a man to express himself socially. He knew no other way.
Apart from her studies Anne expanded socially, for Marilla, mindful of the Spencervale doctor's dictum, no longer vetoed occasional outings.
'Danes' had been, and they were too few in number to wish to supplant the conquered people; but they imposed themselves, both politically and socially, as stern and absolute masters.
Racially, and to a less extent socially, intermarriage did its work, and that within a very few generations.
That ain't the style, ez YOU know, in sassiety, Miss Carr," he added, turning to Christie as the more socially experienced.
And as for the people who live in them--no, until you have explored Venice socially as much as I have you can form no idea of their domestic desolation.
Beaufort was vulgar, he was uneducated, he was purse-proud; but the circumstances of his life, and a certain native shrewdness, made him better worth talking to than many men, morally and socially his betters, whose horizon was bounded by the Battery and the Central Park.
Single online platform for monitoring prices of socially important goods to be created in Kazakhstan AKIPRESS.COM - During the Government session chaired by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin, issues of ensuring price stability for socially significant goods were considered, the press service of the Prime Minister reported.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 13, 2019-: Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) with Gehard Moser Investment Capital Holdings
Socially Just Practice in Groups: A Social Work Perspectives
Of these, 11% are enjoying 'supercharged'* social mobility, not just relative to the previous generation, but compared to the rest of the socially mobile.

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