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If I was writing a book rather than an essay, a substantial amount of historical archeology and paleontology would be presented here to instantiate the costs of high entropy throughout the Afrispora in the past (it is my hope that future institutional Africologists will make their academic and societally useful mark by instantiating factors that were in play as low entropy and societally useful energy in given slices of historical time throughout the Afrispora obtained only to be followed by high entropy and disorder evinced in socially useless energy).
The UAE is a trade, tourism and telecommunications hub, and we connect so many people in so many ways every day, not just in terms of straightforward communication, but also culturally and societally.
I also thought, societally and culturally, what are the things that are really affecting me, and how can I find a vehicle for doing that?
We witness these three streams converge in summary statements such as this: 'Art in public is a culturally mediated and societally constructed sociocultural good whose imaginative disclosure draws nuanced attention to issues and interests of public concern.
The vast majority of travelers silently comply with security measures because they trust the system and are obedient to societally sponsored authority.
Chapters discuss the relationship between project environmental planning and management and the contribution of information and knowledge management; the documents and tasks in EIA and EMS processes; current usages of the concept of the environmental management plan; frameworks for linking EIA and EMS in the varying contexts of the Vietnamese industrial sector, Iran's oil sector, a wind farm in Scotland, waste management infrastructure in the UK, and flood risk management in England and Wales; a proposal for a "Sustainability Management System" (SMS) that integrates consideration of environmental and societally issues at all stages of project planning and delivery; and application of such an SMS approach to transport sector cases in Australia and the UK.
In some cases, gender is simply equated with "women" without adequate attention to "the wider context of power relations caused by societally defined [.
Known by the older generation as a Born Free, Heroes Day to me not only means a free day off from my straining occupation but taking the time to really be grateful to all the brave men and women that fought for the country that it is today as well as honour them for the sacrifice they made in order for me to grow up in an economically, politically and societally free environment.
This is a broader concept than fundamental, functional "reading literacy" (Viswanathan, Rosa, and Harris 2005) and would include the ability to make comparisons among products, evaluate and incorporate new information effectively and use products in an individually and/or societally beneficial way.
It would be too simple to say what some critics say about "Twilight" depicting some sort of societally driven desire in women for a man to be their 'everything.
Economically, societally and ecologically," CNAD reports, "this is unsustainable and not the best path for children.

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