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These hands-on science activities focused on societally relevant issues in which science plays a key role, and were compiled by the author and Michael Todd Hammond, with input from faculty at the UVic.
Duckitt, 2001), the content of legitimizing myths used to justify expressions of such prejudice may be more heavily dependent upon societally elaborated discourses and other cultural idioms.
He suggests that spiritual pilgrimage continues until one's last day and concludes that "we must decide to either live, individually and societally, a life that is sanely human or flounder into terminal barbarism.
Looking at the equally sheltered metal bashing industries, for example, would have shown a more societally based meso-corporatism with unions taking the lead in changing production practices.
Just as Grange is partly responsible for the deaths of his wife and stepchild, whom he abandons when he is no longer able to cope with the societally induced hatred which poisons all of his human relationships, so too does he abandon the pregnant white woman when societally induced hatred causes her to call him a "nigger" (152).
Are resources allocated for other societally sensible objectives different from these?
It would be considered unethical to treat one cohort of patients in the "old fashioned" way, making life-and-death decisions according to no societally accepted guidelines, while another had access to ethics committee policies, educational forums, and consultative services.
But self-care must start more broadly and focus on the individual in order to be effective for long-term health impact personally, societally and across generations.
We are confident that an independent control agency can prevent any unethical, dishonestAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA or unfair behavior," Harris said in a statem In the process, we can save lawmakers and regulators the cost and effort of intervening so that they can expend their limited resources on bigger and more societally important challenges.
Ma Yunde's plight affords glimpses of the institution's operation, widening the scope of the film's horrors from governmental to societally sanctioned.
isolated technical solutions do not suffice to develop politically and societally robust approaches for the forthcoming energy transition in Switzerland;

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