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SOCIETY. A society is a number of persons united together by mutual consent, in order to deliberate, determine, and act jointly for some common purpose.
     2. Societies are either incorporated and known to the law, or unincorporated, of which the law does not generally take notice.
     3. By civil society is usually understood a state, (q.v.) a nation, (q.v.) or a body politic. (q.v.) Rutherf. Inst. c. 1 and 2.
     4. In the civil law, by society is meant a partnership. Inst. 3, 26; Dig. 17, 2 Code, 4, 37.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In this connection, inspection of four (04) housing societies including, Jammu Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society, Cabinet Division Housing Society, Margalla View Housing Society and Multi Professional B-17 housing societies has been carried out.
The housing societies of whose management was in attendance at the meeting included Account Group Officers Cooperative Housing Society, CBR Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Civilian Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Doctors Cooperative Housing Society, Federal Shariat Court Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Federal Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society, IBE Cooperative Housing Society and KRL Employees Cooperative Housing Society.
This was done to keep the lands of cooperative societies (under liquidation) under Red Entry in order to avoid the possibility of illegal sale and purchase of plots by the management of these cooperative societies and to avoid third-party interest, as per sources.The then Registrar Cooperative Societies Sindh, also sent a letter (RCS/Kyc/158/2017) dated 8-9-2017 to State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Chief Manager Banking Services Corporation Karachi, and letter (RCS/Kyc/170/2017) dated 19-9-2017 to SBP Director Banking Policy and Registration Department Karachi, containing request to intimate whether any bank account was opened/operated by the cooperative societies (under liquidation) to run the affairs of the society.
Hundreds and thousands of fake societies have been set up in the Capital and its adjoining areas.
In the last meeting, the ICT registrar had said corruption worth Rs12 billion has been detected in six cooperative housing societies in the capital.
She said registered Societies were expected to submit their returns annually after being operational for a year.
If one were to examine the social sciences today, one of the most interesting approaches is a return to consideration of institutions and their impact on social and economic structures of evolving societies. Every social science is now deeply concerned with how institutions influence everything from law and markets to political systems and individual choices, and how they determine the evolution and final makeup of a given society.
The focus on the 1981 event in the Galilee provides a way of countering dominant constructions of Arab societies. That event also brings the state and, more generally, other external factors back into the discussion of communal violence that is often presented as something that only the communities themselves are guilty of producing.
Details of these findings have been presented at various meetings for academic societies at home and overseas, including the Japanese Pharmacological Society, the Physiological Society of Japan, the Japan Society of Pain Clinicians, the Japanese Society of Biometeorology, the Japanese Society of Nursing Art and Science, as well as the 4th Congress of the International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience held in Marseille, France in July.
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, by Jared Diamond, New York: Viking, 592 pages, $29.95
Pogroms against Jews in East Europe, the treatment of the Irish Catholics by the Protestants, and the ejection of Jews and Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula are examples of what happens when societies shift from a multicultural social contract to a monocultural one.

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