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John Armstrong, the socius, or executive assistant, of the order's US.
For Scott Aaron, managing principal of the Socius Development Group, lie opted for less modern and, in his opinion, more authentic approach to art in his newest building, Exhibit, at 60 Fulton Street.
Summary: Redline Communications has signed a partnership agreement with SOCIUS Group to develop the infrastructure to expand into new sectors including …
Gerard Francisco Timoner III, OP, who has been appointed socius or assistant for the Asia-
But small, sparrowlike Philetairus socius push together beakful after beakful of grass to create a haystack of apartments.
What often happens is the positing of--to take one example--the agentive self making decisions to observe, and--ignoring hundreds of years of philosophy--the identification of this factor in a QM experiment with the socius, the persona, the Lockean punctual/masterful self etc.
18) y sus ideas aspiran a una comunidad abierta, anarquica, donde el potencial instituyente del demos regule y gestione aquello que proviene del vinculo entre el socius y el bios, el cual reposa en lo sagrado.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-April 14, 2016-Experienced business development consultant joins Socius
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 14, 2016-Experienced business development consultant joins Socius
Williams, executive vice president of strategy and administration at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which is a member of Socius Health Solutions, an SSO.
En los dos tomos que componen Capitalismo y esquizofrenia el capitalismo es un umbral donde se produce un continuo proceso de individuacion del que manan bloques de espacio-tiempo, los cuales, con pulsos desiguales, instan a que el deseo y sus singularidades manen o se bloqueen determinando asi las relaciones de salud del socius.