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in Scots practice
1 the date fixed by a court for hearing a case.
2 a single session of a court.

DIET. An assembly held by persons having authority to manage the public affairs of the nation. In Germany, such assemblies are known by this name:

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Although the study was conducted in the artificial environment of a regulated food intake of a sodium-restricted diet, we are encouraged that the data supports the conclusion that torsemide can be formulated and administered once daily in a manner that can result in a longer duration of action than that provided by currently marketed brands of the drug.
Mintel's research supports this, as three out of four respondents who say they are on a sodium-restricted diet also say that they "do not miss the salt.
ZEGERID contains 460mg sodium per dose in the form of sodium bicarbonate (1680mg/20mEq), which should be taken into consideration for patients on a sodium-restricted diet.

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