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SODOMITE. One who his been guilty of sodomy. Formerly such offender was punished with great severity, and was deprived of the power of making a will.

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L'effectivite des interdits sexuels permet, a partir du Moyen Age, aux autorites civiles et ecclesiastiques d'augmenter progressivement leur controle sur les sodomites, souvent associes aux heretiques.
It is obviously difficult to believe that the poet actually saw the Sodomite relationships and the faithful Christian's individual bond with Christ as anything but wildly dissimilar, yet for some reason he hints at the fact that on a certain level of logic they both share the same characteristics, which in the former case invite censure of the highest proportions, whereas in the latter they are actually seen as desirable.
8) The sodomite functions similarly in late eighteenth--and early nineteenth-century culture.
Most reviews waxed and waned between giddy glee for these sodomites of the sagebrush and sappy salivation about The Tumescence in the Tent.
Bray pointed out how, in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, "sodomy," in Hammond's rendering, "was more of an ideological category than an erotic preference: sodomites were bracketed with Jesuits, Spanish spies, and werewolves as agents of social and moral subversion," a "way of thinking" that "provided no resources for self-definition" (9).
By the time the reader is finished reading Part Two, he/she clearly understands how the Church erroneously came to believe that its Bible forbade sodomy (the term of the era) and came to view sodomites (again, the term of the era) as enemies of God and the social order.
could and did denote a 'confused category' of acts, in many other sources we find increasing evidence of a more narrow and specific usage, a usage in which these words refer first and foremost to sexual contact between two males; likewise, sodomite comes to refer specifically to a man who engages in a sexual act with another man.
Through Camp's dissolution of every symbolic hierarchy through the prioritization of style and surface effect, the Sodomite becomes simultaneously an incarnation of emptiness and is absorbed into it.
Oscar Wilde's fall came about because he felt obliged to sue for libel at being accused of `posing as a sodomite' -- he was not even being called a sodomite, just that he was acting like one.
It does so even while condemning in the most vituperative terms "the Sodomite men's proclaimed preference for making love with males" (13).
was casting Sullivan as a sodomite Christ quavering to the Prophet Peretz.
Damian could use the figure of the sodomite to restore to working order the economy of meaning and of memory that had broken down in Glaber's text.