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You may need to redirect the vent through the brick of the side of the house with no soffit.
com)-- Plastic Building Supplies, the premier UK based supplier for PVXC construction stuffs has come up with an extensive stock of guttering downpipes and UPVC soffits for customers.
Most aluminum soffits fit into an aluminum channel mounted to the house.
Vulcan Vent[TM] systems can be designed in any shape or size, including matching the specification of existing open screen eave, foundation, gable, dormer and soffit vents," said Larry Dumm, president of Gunter Manufacturing, Inc.
Q: I have a house built in the late '80s that has gable and soffit vents.
The contract saw Pyeroy act as the principal contractor completing traffic management, scaffold, grit blast and paint, refurbishment, concrete and steel repair work to the superstructure, as well as repainting the bridge soffits.
We placed new millwork around selected old columns, added decorative ceiling soffits at strategic locations for interest & visual site lines, and reused ceiling 'j--box' locations for our completely new lighting pattern," said Horst.
The vent is concealed behind the 3 1/2-inch to 5 1/2-inch-wide crown molding that typically installs between the fascia and soffit on our homes.
This allows a blackout and a solarshade to be recessed within a window frame, pocket or soffit.
Beneath the ceiling, a soffit with uplighting fluorescent fixtures rings the room.
When properly installed by Windows Plus, fascia and soffit board will protect your property against the weather, stopping wind and rain getting into the house and so helping to keep your home warm and dry.
Is it better to vent through the soffit (putting in a new vent specifically for the fan) or run the venting pipe up near an existing roof vent for the humidity to escape through?