soft job

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Mind you, if my letters lead to anything it will probably be a situation as an earnest bill-clerk or an effervescent office-boy, for Rockefeller and Carnegie and that lot have swiped all the soft jobs.
According to analysts, the weak jobs number raises the question of whether soft job growth is a sign of an economic slowdown or labour market tightness.
People are always surprised because I'm a barber and it's seen as a soft job but now I've done this I can drink with the scaffolders
The soft job totals aren't the end of the story, however.
Additionally, various studies and anecdotes from recent college graduates lament the soft job market for Americans with a college degree.
After all, even with a soft job market, many potential workers are reluctant to cope with long hours and difficult living conditions in rural areas.
Commenting on the soft job market, Oloffson (2009) notes that the problem is an:
It's a noble goal, but with shrinking aid and a soft job market, this may potentially result in even more dropouts--far beyond the forecast in a college's enrollment report.
George has already angered fellow inmates by lining up a soft job in the canteen.
The resulting credit freeze, lack of spending and soft job markets has pushed the country into what some experts fear will be a prolonged recession.