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Organisations need to move from the soft-boiled egg defence to a multi-layered strategy, which provides different levels of access to employees and customers depending on their security clearance.
He's always taken good cooking seriously -- it was because French restaurant Ma Maison owner Patrick Terrail wanted him to serve plebeian soft-boiled eggs to folk singer Cat Stevens that he threw raw eggs at Terrail.
If you're partial to a soft-boiled or poached egg for breakfast, be aware that you stand a chance of salmonella infection if both the whites and the yolks aren't firm.
I supposed that's a rather hard-boiled way to begin discussing such a soft-boiled and likable film as David Searching, which stars Anthony Rapp (Rent's captivating lead) as a documentary filmmaker whose heart is as stalled as his career.
To take but two examples: "Our Circle" features a young woman whose "unhinged eye" "would slip out of its orbit and slither down her cheek like a soft-boiled egg"; and the boy from "A Case of Virgin Birth" is horrified when told by his mother that he was the one who made her a woman.
After Mass, he boils more water for his soft-boiled duck egg and eats it with bread and a banana.
A prime example of that maxim was the 1991 report of an 88-year-old man who ate about 25 soft-boiled egges each day.
If you like your eggs soft-boiled or sunny-side up, or if you're a big meringue fan, you're running an increased risk.
The first morning she cooked soft-boiled eggs for breakfast, and when she tried to open them, she had a touch of stage fright.
The egg in the carton is soft-boiled in just two minutes or hardboiled in three.
I'll often have soft-boiled eggs, smoked salmon, and whole-wheat toast for breakfast, cold cuts, veggies and fruit for lunch, and usually chicken or fish with rice and more vegetables for dinner," she said.