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He was an extraordinary man -- soft-spoken, modest, very bright.
Contrary to the press image of being a "firebrand," Joe was soft-spoken.
And another all-American movie actor, dressed in his Naval Reserve uniform, has advertised for a commercial "Veterans Insurance Company," in a soft-spoken sincere exploitation of his own patriotism.
Serious and soft-spoken, Indian-born Vyas is perhaps an unlikely cheerleader for the U.
Dokoupil's series is shrewd; it turns accessible, socially powerful images into peculiarly eloquent, soft-spoken abstractions.
Francis, the soft-spoken James has both initiated programs and expanded existing ones that involve the community in work on the forest.
Interestingly, the metal rod that pierced Phineas Gage's brain back in 1848 obliterated the VMPC, transforming him from a soft-spoken, dependable fellow into a loud-mouthed drifter with virtually no self-awareness.
SANTA CLARITA -- Garrett Stairs looks like the typical college student, the ink barely dry on his Saugus High School diploma -- except that he's 6-foot-10, very soft-spoken and self- possessed.
Kagaurazaka is furtively working with Sho Hirao, the soft-spoken class president, who secretly likes Yuri.
The soft-spoken Kenkhuis, who speaks fluent English with only a subtle Dutch accent, says he developed a highly competitive nature and drive to succeed by watching his parents build a successful butcher shop in Vriezenveen, a small town in eastern Holland where he grew up.
When I worked for Clinton in the early years, staffers loved to imitate the soft-spoken preface Rubin invariably offered in economic policy meetings.
The brash proclamation seemed nearly impossible to attain and out of character for the deliberate, soft-spoken Carson--less Broadway Joe Namath than the near-cliched image his peers and the business press are fond of perpetuating: Jimmy Stewart in pinstripes.