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Barclays, which employs more than 1,000 people across Merseyside, said it hoped voluntary redundancies and redeployment would soften the blow.
They expressed concern on the future of the forest industry and what the federal government can do to help soften the blow to small towns like Kenora.
SCOTLAND are ready to soften the blow for England after their shocking Euro 2008 failure by suggesting the teams revisit their old rivalry next summer.
To soften the blow of their results, anyone who gets a U grade can today claim a free flight to a plethora of European cities.
8 on its latest list of the Best Sports Cities in the country -- not up to par with Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Detroit, New York, Denver and Boston -- does it soften the blow any knowing that Anaheim (not of Los Angeles) limped in at No.
United Airlines hopes fare hikes will soften the blow to its bottom line coming from increases in oil prices that threaten to add $1 billion or more in fuel costs for the airline this year; a figure that could hurt the carrier's hope of posting its first annual operating profit since 2000.
To soften the blow, several private companies have won government contracts provided they hire the laid off workers, said Juliette Lewis, a government personnel officer;
And, after tasting the other extreme of cricket emotions, captain Vaughan attempted to soften the blow of losing so comprehensively to a resurging Pakistan outfit.
The firm, which has a Coventry branch in Siskin Drive, Toll Bar End, is working with Accelerate and Advantage West Midlands who are trying to soften the blow of MG Rover's demise.
Although the village was flooded by waves, the forest of trees helped soften the blow.
Jesus' initially sympathetic words certainly soften the blow, but his next words seldom fail to hurt those whose gifts center in a more active realm.
Tessa Jowell sought to soften the blow for Newcastle- Gateshead by promising cash to bring some of the failed bid's ideas to fruition.