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In a previously published article, Chen Gafni and Reuven Tsur (2015) report a study of naive listener responses to softened voice quality in two readings of "Kubla Khan.
This bladder actually lightened in color as wrinkles and creases appeared from kneading and softening the tissue- much like what happens when rawhide is scraped and softened.
Though these are a relatively standard housing type, typical of walk-up blocks all over Europe, they are softened and animated by planted pergolas that will progressively flourish and add a living layer of greenery to the architecture.
A Midwest recycler who prefers to do business locally says the PET market has softened somewhat in the last few months because of a glut of material on the market.
The market has absolutely softened in the last six months," he admitted.
Softened somewhat by the tentative beginning of social programs under the New Deal, it was still a hardened America that fought.
That's because WEPS requires less cooling in the shape mold after fusion, since the beads are not softened by pentane.
At Home: Ripen in a paper bag at room temperature until softened and golden, then refrigerate.
Hard seed softened more rapidly in bare ground than in sod both years as indicated by the smaller values of p for bare ground than for sod (Fig.
On the other hand, some people object to the "flat" or even salty taste of softened water--and this can pose a potential health risk for people on low sodium diets.
6) processes wherein the crumb is softened with a plasticizer such as pine tar, and devalcanized by the addition of 0.