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CCS Foot Care Cream, Fragrance Direct Softens hard, dry, rough skin and helps prevent further problems.
Roo is horrified by the fact that James has been lying to her, but when he tells her he still loves her and wants to be with her, Roo's attitude softens and she decides to go ahead with their plans after all.
Self-activating gel lining hydrates hardened hoofs, softens skin and lasts up to 50 treatments.
The trail of slime our shelled friends leave softens wrinkles, smoothes skin and is fantastic for scar reduction apparently.
SOFTENING: Burt's Bee Radiance Body Lotion, pounds 10.95, softens, shimmers and moisturises plus it has Royal Jelly, Sunflower Oil and Aloe Extract to repair skin.
The SR2 element softens incoming water and retains low molecular weight organics, while allowing monovalent salts to pass through the membrane.
A simple test of warming the part area containing the bubble until it softens can be used to determine whether it is trapped air or void.
Cellulase further lightens the denim's color and softens the fabric by breaking down the cellulose in yarn.
Suffering softens hearts, an ancient proverb tells us, and softened hearts not only yearn for kindness and solace but also become receptive to an understanding of the universe and life that provides real answers about the nature of this universe and, indeed, about the nature of life itself.
Pushing to the breaking point--and then some--any analogic relation of sound to physical structure and of both to emotion and sentiment, Vergueiro softens his geometries with fabrics, flocking and quilting, testing primary structures' sonic integrity.
The hot tip softens the polymer and briefly sinks into it, generating an indentation.
Vaseline Petrolium Jelly, from 99p Lofty claims: It soothes dry skins, softens lips and protects complexions from the cold weather.