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O Tybalt, love, Tybalt, awake me not yet, Around my soft pillow while softer dreams flit, For what are the joys that in waking we prove, Compared with these visions, O, Tybalt, my love?
The rock proved softer on each side of us, and so they left the center of the river bare and dry, first working out these two little holes for us to hide in.
Her breast, with its badge of shame, was but the softer pillow for the head that needed one.
I made up my mind to two things: if it was still the nineteenth century and I was among lunatics and couldn't get away, I would presently boss that asylum or know the reason why; and if, on the other hand, it was really the sixth century, all right, I didn't want any softer thing: I would boss the whole country inside of three months; for I judged I would have the start of the best-educated man in the kingdom by a matter of thirteen hundred years and upward.
Thereat, Catherine silently turned her face from us, and, very stealthily, drew out her pocket- handkerchief and applied it to her eyes; and her cousin, after struggling awhile to keep down his softer feelings, pulled out the letter and flung it on the floor beside her, as ungraciously as he could.
At the least, her eyes were softer and larger than those of our people, her hair longer and less tightly curled, and her skin was lighter--more of the colour of pure copper.
Certainly not," said Sancho, who stood close by, "for my lady is as a lamb, and softer than a roll of butter.
FX Action: USD-JPY has traded moderately softer on the back of a generally softer tone in the dollar.
The body of each iron head is a softer 431 steel that is heat treated to give a softer, more vibration-dampening feel.
ISLAMABAD -- Softer and positive aspects of the Pakistani society and the national ethos were needed to be promoted and disseminated across the globe.
The US-based acetyls producer Celanese has announce that it is planning to buy the Italian compounder SoFTer Group for an undisclosed sum.
CIRRUS DES AIGLES will miss QIPCO British Champions Day on Saturday week unless the ground at Ascot is softer than good.