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Taking shots at monetarism (tight money) and supply-side (enormous tax cut) policies, he calls Reaganomics "the worst of both worlds--a soft head and a hard heart." He also criticizes the softhearted but mushy-headed policies of liberals who want to control markets through devices like protectionism or huge agricultural subsidies.
'The problem with us Filipinos, as former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew said, is that we are softhearted to people who commit major crimes.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Flowers 9 Tiara 10 Ample 11 Let slip 12 Lot 13 Shepherd 16 Arkansas 17 Nap 19 Impasto 21 Arran 22 Corgi 23 Enclave DOWN: 1 Affable 2 Computer 3 Mere 4 Stitches 5 Rail 6 Happy 8 Silverstone 13 Starship 14 Ring road 15 Spinner 18 Piece 20 Park 21 Arcs QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Glove puppet 8 Bee 9 Ark 11 Inferno 12 Siren 13 Net 14 Leo 15 Juggled 17 Egg 19 Open 21 Afar 23 Page 25 Lobe 27 Wee 29 Deposit 31 Ail 34 Era 36 Price 37 Bottles 38 Tin 39 See 40 Softhearted DOWN: 1 Gene 2 Left 3 Verruca 4 Plough 5 Paste 6 Earl 7 Tree 8 Binge 10 Known 16 Dog 18 Gab 20 Pew 22 Fed 24 Aviator 25 Leapt 26 Gobble 28 Erase 30 Erect 32 Iris 33 Lino 34 Else 35 Reed
"Sometimes it is very difficult to handle the hard things you felt compelled to do when you are softhearted at the core of your being.
Today his family paid tribute to a man described as a "softhearted gentle giant." Det Chief Insp Paul Goundry, of Durham CID, said that officers were still working to establish how he fell down the stairs and the exact cause of death.
Softhearted auds may connect with pic's plangent depiction of the old woman's fate and nostalgic treatment of rural life.
Exiled to Kentucky with a softhearted young man who dreams vainly of winning her love, or even begrudging respect, Rose is the chilly matriarch of a family that must bear the weight of her guilt and stony abuse, a family that must work out its redemption in the wake of her tales--both the ones she has lived and the ones she has told.
He was so softhearted, which is why I find it really hard that someone has caused such a horrific death.
Tracy described her brother as "a loving son, a great brother, wonderful uncle, fun-loving, hard-working, softhearted, kind and inoffensive" and that when he died, "part of us died with him".
Austria also described Corona as a kind and softhearted man.
But for those who know him, the nom de guerre Mohagher Iqbal stands for a mild-mannered, softhearted and straightforward individual who has dedicated more than 40 years of his life to the struggle for self-determination of the Muslim people of Mindanao.