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In stark contrast software RAID systems can never be rendered obsolete by advances in hardware technology; in fact, the performance of software systems only increases as the underlying hardware improves.
With the cutting-edge software RAID applications that are now coming to market, that same process can now be accomplished on the fly, without ever shutting down the system or interrupting a single byte of traffic.
The RC5000 series of software RAID controllers provide support for the latest serial attached SCSI (SAS) and serial ATA II (SATA II) specifications, as well as supporting both the traditional PCI-X and newer PCI Express bus standards.
RAID systems, using both hardware RAID and Windows NT Server's support for software RAID, are also susceptible to file fragmentation and need defragmentation," states NSTL.
So when System i users began to demand a more complete backup solution that included LVM and software RAID devices, as well as an easier way to migrate to new hardware, Storix developed SBAdmin v 6.
a leading developer of software to simplify and share SAN storage, today announced that software RAID 1 And RAID 5 have been integrated into LaScala, Sanbolic's clustered volume manager.
Software RAID schemes use the host system's processor, exploit host memory, potentially rob the system of as much as 60% of its CPU cycles just to process RAID calculations, and compromise reliability, risking data loss in an operating system failure.
Not a typical image restore, Storix SBA provides an Installation/Recovery Interface, providing the user with the flexibility to recover an existing system, or reconfigure the OS to operate on a different hardware configuration, while supporting LVM, software RAID, and various filesystem types.
Our customers are particularly excited about Storage Builder's new software RAID implementation and its remote boot capability.
The 7200 or 10,000 RPM drives in G-SATA may be formatted individually or configured as a software RAID to support demanding applications including audio and video editing.

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