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11 (El Capitan), Mac users who wanted to create a software RAID had been able to do so by using the Disk Utility application included with OS X.
The exceptional performance and massive capacity of ThunderBay 4, combined with a robust, proven software RAID engine, provides better performance capabilities that are up to 35% faster than many competing drives.
Though most will allow alterations of disk partition tables, they fail to understand more advanced and increasingly common disk configuration tools such as the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) or Software RAID (meta-disks).
Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) has selected the LSI Logic Embedded Serial ATA (SATA) Software RAID (http://www.
Software RAID mirroring for protection of important data
Throw in software RAID integration and the new Red Hat Update Agent and you get a package aimed squarely at the business market - not to mention the OEMs that supply it.
Both models support software RAID for carrier-grade deployments as Signaling Interface platforms or Signaling Gateways.
11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SoftRAID announced today the release of SoftRAID Lite, a software RAID utility powered by the revolutionary SoftRAID 5 engine.
It supports LVM, software raid (mdadm), provides the ability to clone machines, and can be used for physical to virtual or virtual to physical restore.
By supporting various file systems, LVM and software RAID devices, we allow users to reconfigure the storage using the same or completely different hardware, change file system types, migrate from disk partitions to LVM or software RAID, and much more.
He went solo in 1981, and ten years later, armed with a search and seizure warrant, he was involved in his first software raid on a firm in south San Francisco.
Internal peripheral resource controllers include a 3 Gb/second SAS controller with software RAID 0/1 support, a 3 Gb/second SATA controller with hardware RAID 0/1 support, plus an XGI Z9 graphics with 32 MB video memory.

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