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More intuitive User Interfaces - A streamlined 2-click install process and automatic resolution of software conflicts make installation a breeze for everyone.
In addition to overhauling our code, increasing speed and reducing complexity, we've taken on more ownership for automating security settings and resolving software conflicts to install easily and keep our users safe from tricky malware.
By virtualizing the deployment of the aspenONE suite at BASF we have helped AspenTech and BASF IT Services increase the speed of deployment of aspenONE by more than 50 percent, while reducing software conflicts and risk associated with migrating to new versions.
Xenocode virtualization technology frees organizations from lengthy application setup and configuration, eliminates software conflicts and incompatibilities, and enables instant deployment via portable USB devices, intranets, the Internet, or existing desktop management infrastructure.
Unlike other application virtualization technologies, Altiris technology protects the client operating system, eliminates software conflicts and minimizes support calls while maintaining normal application behavior and end-user experience.
Carrillo's team also tests for potential software conflicts prior to deployment and installation using Wise Package Studio(R).

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