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I am very pleased that Gary Doer has agreed to work on behalf of Albertans to help communicate our position on softwood lumber to decision makers in Canada and the U.
For years, American communities who depend on the softwood lumber industry have had their livelihoods threatened by heavily subsidized Canadian lumber increasingly imported into the U.
In an interview with Khaleej Times in 2013, SPF Precut Lumber President, Muhammad Amir, stated that his company goal was to achieve a 65 per cent market share for all softwood lumber exported to the Middle East from British Columbia (BC), Canada.
The project includes a new wood-chip plant with two separate wood lines, one for softwood-chip and one for hardwoodchip production, in addition to a refit of the softwood line, where the existing washing equipment will be replaced.
Analyzing US softwood lumber industry shipment data for the period 1985 to 2010, this study finds that the industry experienced four cycles.
At the Dubai WoodShow 2012, the American Softwoods pavilion will showcase the strength and variety of the different US softwood species in addition to distributing technical publications on the applications of American softwoods.
Softwood lumber imports into the United States, meanwhile, are down because of poor U.
Before Christmas, he gathered ambassadors from 16 Middle Eastern and North African countries at the United Arab Emirates embassy in Ottawa to "sing the praises" of Northern Ontario softwood.
Luckily for the forest industry, the country can grow hardwoods and softwoods in equal quantities and on a relatively short rotation basis.
The benchmark price of northern bleached softwood pulp is down on last week's price per tonne, according to calculations by Finnish index compiler FOEX.
3 percent penalty tariff on Canadian softwood lumber, saying it would make the trade sanction retroactive to mid-May.