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SOIL. The superficies of the earth on which buildings are erected, or may be erected.
     2. The soil is the principal, and the building, when erected, is the accessory. Vide Dig. 6, 1, 49.

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Additionally, HD Rocksand provides flexible measurement for simple soil analysis.
Soil analysis also considered Phosphate (P) and Potash (K) levels.
Following the recommendations in your soil analysis report is one of those devilish details, as is selecting the right timing for certain soil amendments.
These samples were used to make scatter plots comparing the values determined in the soil analysis laboratory (DV) with the values estimated by the spectral models.
The other parameters can be found using one-off soil analysis.
No features are directly associated with the Hoard, but we are still awaiting the soil analysis which will give more detail of on the formation of the landscape in which it was found.
A contract was awarded to Al Hoty Analytical Services for BD29,840 to carry out land survey and soil analysis for the planned substations.
Expertise in, among others, the areas of pipeline construction (conventional radiography, portable radiography, X-ray pipeline crawlers, automated ultrasonics AUT--girth weld, certified welding inspectors and asset integrity management); pipeline integrity (close interval potential survey, direct current voltage gradient survey, pipeline current attenuation survey, pipeline depth of cover and survey, pipe line right-of-way GPS survey, pH soil analysis and continuous resistivity surveys, chemical and mechanical pipeline cleaning, MFL inline inspection tools and deformation/caliper tools).
Colwell JD (1963) The estimation of phosphorus fertilizer requirements of wheat in Southern New South Wales by soil analysis.
Eton also provides fire risk assessments, Energy Performance Certificates, air testing, soil analysis and asbestos awareness training.
It is therefore recommended that a dose of calculated pig slurry should be applied only after taking into account the micro and macronutrients through appropriate soil analysis.

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