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For the period from 1953 to 1996, Basher and Webb (1997) measured an average soil erosion rate of 0.
Bennett worked for Whitney at that time and was sounding the warning of the impacts of soil erosion on U.
The present study deals with land optimalization in the aquifer basin of Ilam dam for achieving the soil erosion and the sediment minimalization which would result in the stable usage of water and soil resources.
The WEPP model simulates many of the physical processes important in soil erosion, including infiltration, runoff, raindrop and overland-flow detachment of soil particles, sediment transport, deposition, plant growth, and residue decomposition.
In Pakistan, land degradation mainly encompasses desertification, salinity, soil erosion, waterlogging, and negative nutrient balances.
In Shiawassee County, the county drain office used to handle the soil erosion program.
It is suggested, therefore, that the effectiveness of dry PAM in decreasing runoff and erosion may depend on the balance between (i) the positive impact of PAM as a flocculating agent, and (ii) the adverse impact of the viscosity of the soil solution containing dissolved PAM on soil permeability and soil erosion.
Patent 7,407,993 (August 5, 2008), "Compositions and Methods for Resisting Soil Erosion and Fire Retardation," Scott Harrison (Terra Novo, Inc.
Man-induced soil erosion on the southern Piedmont, 1700-1970, 2d ed.
Chapter five, which continues this theme, is primarily devoted to problems of soil erosion in Europe and the Mediterranean.
Some researchers have suggested that the Mayans' very success in turning forests into farmland led to soil erosion that made fanning increasingly difficult and eventually caused their downfall.
Once mature, the trees will help clean the air, rivers, and streams; control soil erosion, provide food and habitat to wildlife; and add overall beauty to the landscape.