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The reception supports the Sojourner Truth Legacy Project, an initiative of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to support and develop leadership skills for African American women.
The Sojourner Truth aircraft, the second in the airline's American hero series, will take flight to the United States in a few weeks.
Previous research has discussed the benefits of preparing the sojourner for reentry (Brown, 2009; Butcher, 2002; Gaw, 2000; La Brack, 1993; Lau & Ng, 2012; Lester, 2000; Martin & Harrell, 2004; Szkudlarek, 2009).
Nuptial music was presented by Peggy Taylor, pianist, and Rona Barrett, violinist Vocalists were Brian Barfoot, Vonda Laird, Shellie Sojourner, and Jennifer Sojourner.
Sojourner was named Isabella, and her family called her Belle.
Washington's biography of Sojourner Truth, who was born a slave in 1797, is a significant contribution to the literature, as well as an intimate treatment of the life of one of these antislavery activists.
That is the underlying belief in Going Through Ghosts by Mary Sojourner.
See "Reading the Narrative of Sojourner Truth as a Collaborative Text" in Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies, Spring 1996).
The sages quote the Torah: Now when there sojourns with you a sojourner in your land (Lev.
The debut novel of wife and mother Angeline Bandon-Bibum, Sojourner's Dream is an African-American romance between Sojourner Brown, a shy graduate student, and Joseph Kalisa, a cultured corporate lawyer who works for an established law firm in Washington, D.
Some of the women whose autobiographical writings are included here are well known: Mary Jemison, Fanny Kemble, Sojourner Truth and Margaret Fuller have caught our attention before.
For as long as we have known Harold, his sense of himself as being a sojourner has contributed to his steady reassurance that he is ready to let go and entrust the work to the hands and voices that will come after.