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We are pleased to continue our partnership with the women of the Congressional Black Caucus to celebrate the Sojourner Truth Legacy Project at the Womens Leadership Reception.
Born Isabella Baumfree in Upstate New York, the former slave changed her name to Sojourner Truth in 1843.
Berry (identified numerous moderating factors specific to the process of acculturation, some of which pertained to characteristics of the sojourner (age, gender, education, religion, health, language, expectation, cultural distances, pre-acculturation) and others to the sojourner's experiences (contact discrepancy, social support, societal attitudes, coping, strategies, resources).
Bridesmaids were Kalli Case, Carly Waldrop, Erin McCaffrey, Shellie Sojourner, and Jennifer Sojourner.
Over the years, Belle became a Christian and began preaching, calling herself Sojourner Truth.
Washington strives, with some success, to give expression to Sojourner Truth's voice.
That is the underlying belief in Going Through Ghosts by Mary Sojourner.
See "Reading the Narrative of Sojourner Truth as a Collaborative Text" in Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies, Spring 1996).
The sages quote the Torah: Now when there sojourns with you a sojourner in your land (Lev.
Paradoxically, it is this visitor, or sojourner, among us whose legacy will be remembered through the newly endowed Harold S.
Before Rosa Parks, before abolition and before universal suffrage, there was Sojourner Truth.
Margaret Ancira, founder and chief executive officer of Physician's Choice, created the annual scholarship fund for graduate residents of the Sojourner Center, AZ, who wish to seek a career in healthcare.