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These commitments notwithstanding, at the heart of SOJOURNs mission is the publication of empirical work treating processes of social change in contemporary Southeast Asia.
As our population becomes increasingly internationalized in today's global society, a need emerges for awareness, research, and support for the mental health needs of clients who have returned from sojourns abroad.
Brian O'Donovan has been enjoying his sojourns to Worcester.
The parameters here are based on assuming all Dyck paths with at least r sojourns to be equally likely.
God Of The Hinge: Sojourns In Cloud Cuckoo Land" is the autobiography and memoir of Eleanor West, a woman who has participated in a host of preservation efforts, foundations, special projects and creative endeavors that ranged from organizing the address for preserving wilderness on barrier islands to appearing as a key speaker at the Marshlands Conference in 1968.
He notes that some midge larvae endure sojourns in absolute alcohol and then recover normal function when returned to water.
A piece by the anthology's chief editor raises, among other complex issues, those of Salviati's contribution to the tradition of erotic imagery, his sojourns in Milan, and the correct attribution of his anatomical studies.
The Alex heralds a new generation of luxury accommodations with a wealth of personalized services, deluxe guest rooms and residential-style suites where guests can stay overnight or for longer sojourns of a month to a year.
Hollyoaks (C4): The Deans begin to wonder why Steph hasn't returned home from her sojourns.
Increasingly, old-fashioned funerals have given way to unreal sojourns in funeral parlours where the `slumber rooms' and canned sentimental music provide a bromide for mourners.
These were exhibited on easels and accompanied by documentation of the Russian artist's sojourns in China.