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About ten days previously, the brigade which had been quartered on the banks of the Wollamut, had arrived with numerous packs of beaver, the result of a few months' sojourn on that river.
And the strangers said, Ye play upon us with a jest, young men; we and our fathers have sojourned under these roofs these six generations; the names ye utter rot upon the tombs, and they that bore them have run their brief race, have laughed and sung, have borne the sorrows and the weariness that were allotted them, and are at rest; for nine-score years the summers have come and gone, and the autumn leaves have fallen, since the roses faded out of their cheeks and they laid them to sleep with the dead.
I told him, "that in the kingdom of Tribnia, (3) by the natives called Langdon, (4) where I had sojourned some time in my travels, the bulk of the people consist in a manner wholly of discoverers, witnesses, informers, accusers, prosecutors, evidences, swearers, together with their several subservient and subaltern instruments, all under the colours, the conduct, and the pay of ministers of state, and their deputies.
A second article on Thailand reaffirms another of SOJOURNs commitments, to featuring historical scholarship that informs understanding of contemporary Southeast Asia.
As our population becomes increasingly internationalized in today's global society, a need emerges for awareness, research, and support for the mental health needs of clients who have returned from sojourns abroad.
Brian O'Donovan has been enjoying his sojourns to Worcester.
"Planetary Influences & Sojourns" is a reprinting of one of Edgar Cayce's most famous works, elaborating on the role of the soul in the bigger picture, that everyone's soul resonates stronger in the celestial picture than in our short mortal time.
Indeed, we can consider the height (location and value) within the r-th sojourn. The expected number of sojourns (=degree of the root of the associated planar tree) is just 2.
"God Of The Hinge: Sojourns In Cloud Cuckoo Land" is the autobiography and memoir of Eleanor West, a woman who has participated in a host of preservation efforts, foundations, special projects and creative endeavors that ranged from organizing the address for preserving wilderness on barrier islands to appearing as a key speaker at the Marshlands Conference in 1968.
Grossman suggests that the edict forbidding polygyny was also motivated by the involvement of many German Jewish men in international trade which often involved lengthy sojourns in Muslim countries.
He notes that some midge larvae endure sojourns in absolute alcohol and then recover normal function when returned to water.
McLaren's introduction to I Wonder as I Wander shares features with his earlier preface: an objective analysis of the context for the Hughes undertaking, a balanced description of the mixed responses to the volume after publication, and attention to "The Travelogue as a Political and Cultural Statement," each aspect contributing to the structure of the writer's endeavor "to create a travelogue that defines persona as a cultural-political witness and journalist." This second volume covers primarily the years from 1931 through 1937, and reflects the author's sojourns not only in the United States but also in the Caribbean, the Soviet Union, the Far East, France, and Spain, with special attention to the latter's Civil War and the rise of Fascism in Europe.