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Commenting on the announcement, Geyser CEO Andreas Thatcher said, "The management team at Solace has an exemplary track record in building businesses in the health-related cannabis industry.
Following closing of the transaction, the Solace assets and team will be combined with TPB's Nu-X Ventures division, led by TPB veteran Graham Purdy.
Solace's legacy and new innovative products will be combined with Nu-X Ventures' strong and nimble development engine.
At Solace, the treatment and its duration is customised to suit the specific needs of the individual.
For information about how you or someone you know might receive help through SOLACE, emailSOLACE@mnbar.orgor
"We are excited about this collaboration with NEC, a leading provider of a wide range of global data connectivity solutions," said Les Rechan, CEO, Solace. "We are confident in our smart data movement technologies and honored to contribute to NEC's goal of orchestrating a brighter world."
The event, tagged Feel Unbothered, which is organised by Docebit Entertainment and supported by Solace Entertainment, is targeted at young stars in the city of Ibadan.
Solace Cloud lets developers building cloud-based applications easily tap into the power of Solace's enterprise-grade messaging without the burden of installing, maintaining and upgrading messaging software.
While it solace, the identifying causes circumstances long Steve Villa's 1-0 defeat to Manchester United on Saturday put the seal on a fate which has looked increasingly certain since before Christmas, and has led to the side being dubbed one of the worst in top-flight history.
COMMITMENT OF A LIFETIME: Sheeba Ameer says she can neither leave her family here in Doha nor Solace.
Solace is released on Friday September 25 and sees Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell joining forces to play the two lead roles.
Peter Molander, chief executive officer of First Pac West, commented, "With Hatch's proven abilities in engineering, procurement, and construction management, and First Pac West's innovative site accommodation solution, the Solace System, we have great expectations for the differentiated products and services we can now offer together."