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Harald continued, 'SAP Enterprise Messaging already successfully leverages Solace appliances.
Interestingly, the work that anybody involved with Solace does is totally voluntary.
Anthony Hopkins watches as Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Abbie Cornish draw their guns on a suspect in Solace, which co-stars Colin Farrell, right
Shaken, not stirred: A 2008 Aston Martin 2-Door Coupe used by Daniel Craig (below) as James Bond in Quantum of Solace.
On paper, despite the fact that nobody really understood what the title meant, Quantum of Solace looked good.
Casino Royale took in $599 million in worldwide ticket sales and Quantum of Solace generated $577 million.
Solace in So Many Words is a collection of essays, poems, and short stories compiled by Ellen Wade Beals in an effort to bring insight, understanding, and comfort to those trying to weather the storms of life.
Former Solace staff and volunteers gathered on Monday to celebrate their work down the years.
As part of my research, I have visited Solace Spa and other spas on my travels and am starting to understand the various treatments, their benefits and the cumulative effect.
When the opening scene of Solace & Grief first occurred to me, I was at work, idly speculating about where to submit the finished manuscript I most certainly had planned, and which I was in the process of simultaneously shopping around and editing--what I now think of as the Great Unpublished Epic.
Invacare Continuing Care's patented Solace Resolution Gliding mattress eliminates pressure caused by sliding on sensitive areas of a resident's body by allowing the top and bottom sections of the mattress to move independently of each other.
StreamBase, a provider of trading software, has integrated its complex event processing (CEP) platform with Solace Systems' middleware routing technology, which it claims will improve real-time trading decisions.