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SOLARES, Spanish law. Lots of ground. This term is frequently found in grants from the Spanish government of lands in America. 2 White's Coll. 474.

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The research provides solar trackers market size, capacity installed and average price to 2020.
The report analyzes key drivers and challenges for the solar trackers market.
Getting better at predicting how the sun will behave has become far more than a goal of academic solar physicists.
SOLAR WALLOP Although they appear dark, sunspots glow brighter than an arc welder's torch.
That demand for alternative forms of energy is why solar purveyors are beginning to focus their attention southward.
To us, the production base is not a means to just having a Mexican plant, we are very interested in being an important factor in alternative energy in Mexico," says United Solar President and Chief Executive Stanford Ovshinsky, who recently graced the pages of Time magazine as one of its "Heroes for the Planet.
If a solar storm causes physical damage or loss to property, such as a transformer or high-voltage switch-gear, property insurance will cover those losses.
So even though solar storms may not be specifically excluded, the lack of physical loss or damage would preclude a property claim.
Glass-laminated solar shingles, he says, can last twice as long as traditional roofing, and call be installed by local contractors.
Electric companies and satellite operators are bracing themselves for another bout of riotous solar weather and its impact on Earth.
The state-of-the-art solar home will be built on the SCU campus and transported cross country to Washington, D.
From being an emerging fuel source 20 years ago, solar PV has transformed into a commercially viable energy generating technology in over forty countries, thanks to technological advances and the availability of more effective and reliable equipment and machinery.