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COLLECTOR, officer. One appointed to receive taxes or other impositions; as collector of taxes; collector of militia fines, &c. A collector is also a person appointed by a private person to collect the credits due him. Metc. & Perk. Dig. h.t.

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The primary objective of the experimental section is to study the effect of some parameters on the heat pipe evacuated tube solar collector (HP-ETSC) thermal performance in terms of temperature distribution, the Evaporation, Condensation heat transfer coefficient and thermal resistance.
The experimental results include the performance of the solar collector without obstacles and the compound collectors with two different inclinations (60[degrees] and 120[degrees]) and two different numbers of rows (19 and 37 rows) of obstacles units.
The effect of combination between the direct expansion air conditioner and a vacuum solar collector that is installed after the compressor were considered experimentally in the present work.
Du, Hu, and Kolhe (2013) manufactured a solar collector assisted by twenty heat pipes and tested it outdoors in Nanjing (China).
Another large segment of the world's energy can be supplied from solar collectors in arid regions, in conjunction with long-distance high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission of electricity.
Solar collectors offer a sustainable energy solution given that they permit capturing and using thermal energy from the sun, thus, using the great energy potential it offers us.
The in-situ performance of the Aerogel Solar Collector is being monitored as part of a two-year post-occupancy evaluation study, led by Dr Mark Dawson, funded through the Technology Strategy Board.
24[293] 135 $3,405 $10,955 [443] Solar Collector No.
3M's Renewable Energy Division has teame= d with Gossamer Space Frames to unveil a new parabolic trough solar collector technology designed to significantly reduce equipment and installation costs for CSP systems used in power generation.
Washington, Nov 21 (ANI): A London based company has combined three technologies of alternative energy, wind turbines, solar panels and solar collectors, to come up with an artificial tree generating enough electricity for a house.
Water heated in a solar collector rises out the top of the collector and into an insulated storage tank above it, where it displaces cooler water (in a closed-loop system) or is drawn off for home use (in an open-loop system).
A PVT c ollector is the combined assembly of a PV module, for the conversion of electrical energy, with the high efficiency, flat-plate solar collector, to convert thermal energy.