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The team observed these extreme radiation pulses only during solar flares.
Lets take a detailed look at what causes solar flares, and how their impact is felt on Earth.
Solar flares are intense bursts of light from the sun.
Earlier this week just such a solar flare occurred.
The most powerful in an active region is a Solar Flare. The first flare ever detected was discovered by Carrington on 1 September 1859.
“When I researched solar flares, it seemed like a great fit.
Scientists have warned of "highly unusual activity" on the surface of the sun which has already sent smaller solar flares spiraling towards earth.
Researchers observed a video of a 2012 solar flare taken during the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite mission, which every 12 seconds captures images of the Sun in the ultraviolet spectrum.
From time to time, some free electrons are suddenly generated by the effect of an unexpected and quick increase of EUV solar radiation flux during solar flares. This phenomena leads to "Sudden Increases in the Total Electron Content" (SITEC, see for instance Smirnov and Smirnova, 2014), which can be used to issue solar flare warnings (see for example Garcia-Rigo et al.
IF WE CONSIDER the phenomenon of solar flares, Puke's description of how cosmic winds sometimes blow in our faces is surprisingly true.
Last summer, a solar flare sparked northern lights in southern Canada and northern United States and potentially caused the worst blackout in India and Pakistan on record.
Thus, observations of the pion-decay emission during a solar flare provide doubtless evidence of the proton acceleration up to high energies, and of the interaction with dense medium.