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YEAR. The period in which the revolution of the earth round the sun, and the accompanying changes in the order of nature, are completed.
     2. The civil year differs from the astronomical, the latter being composed of 365 days, 5 hours, 48 seconds and a fraction, while the former consists, sometimes of three hundred and sixty-five days, and at others, in leap years, of three hundred and sixty-six days.
     3. The year is divided into half-year which consists, according to Co. Litt. 135 b, of 182 days; and quarter of a year, which consists of 91 days, Ibid. and 2 Roll. Ab. 521, 1. 40. It is further divided into twelve months.
     4. The civil year commences immediately after twelve o'clock at night of the thirty-first day of December, that is the first moment of the first day of January, and ends at midnight of the thirty-first day of December, twelve mouths thereafter. Vide Com. Dig. Ann.; 2 Bl. Com. by Chitty, 140, n.; Chitt. Pr. Index tit. Time alteration of the calendar (q.v.) from old to new style in England, (see Bissextile,) and the colonies of that country in America, the year in chronological reckoning was supposed to commence with the first day of January, although the legal year did not commence until March 25th, the intermediate time being doubly indicated: thus February 15, 1724, and so on. This mode of reckoning was altered by the statute 24 Geo. II. cap. 23, which gave rise to an act of assembly of Pennsylvania, passed March 11, 1752; 1 Sm. Laws, 217, conforming thereto, and also to the repeal of the act of 1710.
     5. In New York it is enacted that whenever the term "year" or "years" is or shall be used in any statute, deed, verbal or written contract, or any public or private instrument whatever, the year intended shall be taken to consist of three hundred and sixty-five days; half a year of a hundred and eighty-two days; and a quarter of a year of ninety-two days; and the day of a leap year, and the day immediately preceding, if they shall occur in any period so to be computed, shall be reckoned together as one day. Rev. Stat. part 1, c. 19, t. 1, Sec. 3.

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Like the solar year, the lunar year also has 12 months, but each lunar month has only 29 or 30 days.
This existed in addition to a calendar based on the solar year, which includes 365 days, as well as a calendar of rituals that repeats itself every 260 days.
The security transition which was announced by President Hamid Karzai on first of new solar year will be completed by the end of 2014.
Also as the Muslim year is shorter than the Solar year, the date is different each year, some years there are two festivals in one (Gregorian) calendar year.
Many American Indian nations gave each moon or moon cycle in a solar year one or more special names.
What we now know as the 12 days of Christmas used to include celebrating the new solar year (on or around December 21).
Today the Gregorian calendar is known to be 26 seconds a year out of synch with the solar year and both Russia and Iran have since introduced more accurate ones.
The Muslims operate on a lunar calendar which means that their months move around the solar year.
by Abasin Zaheer on 16 September, 2014 - 20:05 KABUL (Pajhwok): Security bosses on Tuesday told the Senate that insecurity had increased this solar year due to the lingering political crisis, but Afghan forces had been able to prevent insurgents from reaching their targets.
It was reported that 500 tons of drugs were seized during last solar year and more than 215 tons for the first 5 months of the current solar year.
In the past solar year, 48 million textbooks were printed and delivered to pupils.