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SULTAN. The title of the Turkish sovereign and other Mahometan princes.

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Unlike the citizens of Damascus and the Soldan of Egypt, whose main crimes are waiting too long to surrender to Tamburlaine, Cosroe's depravity truly seems to merit his downfall.
Edmundo Paz Soldan was born in 1967 and is part of the post-Boom generation of Latin American writers of the 1990s known as the "McOndo Generation.
Louis, MO, USA); dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) from Quimibras Reagen (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); NaCl and paraformaldehyde from Reagen (Brazil); and balsam from Soldan Ltda (Brazil).
dakikada Hakan'n soldan ortasnda ceza sahas iinde Bar'n vuruunda kaleci topu kornere eldi.
EUSEBIO QUIROZ PAZ SOLDAN, Capitulo III Aspectos Economicos y
Jo Soldan, a consultant clinical psychologist in critical care, said: "Although it did the job, the waiting area needed to be livened up and updated for the relatives using the room - we need a more caring environment for patients to spend time when not at the bedside.
One of the best critics of La Casa de Dostoievsky, the young Bolivian novelist and essayist Edmundo Paz Soldan, holds that the Cuban chapters are the best of the novel.
but though many cures were wrought by it in Europe, none equalled in success and celebrity those which the Soldan achieved.
Soldan SS, varez Retuerto AI, Sicotte NL, Voskuhl RR.
He is quickly taken prisoner and caged, while Tamburlaine then has to face Zenocrate's defenders--her father the Soldan of Egypt and her betrothed the king of Arabia.