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So, no matter how many times solder is added to the joint, every time the PCB is run through the reflow oven, the solder will drain away because the PCB, including the via, is at reflow temperature.
This is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the solder paste market.
The most common problem found in products that require a direct solder wire termination is that wires become over stressed from being bent at a 90 degree angle after soldering, resulting in long term reliability concerns.
by mechanical removing of oxides--by scraping under the layer of molten solder.
DOE Factors and Levels PARAMETERS LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 Solder Temperature ([degrees]C) 250 280 320 Robot Speed (m/s) 3 5 10 Distance * (mm) 3 4 5 Angle ([degrees]) 0 7 10 * Distance: between the bottom side of the assembly and the rim of the nozzle.
When the solder on two nearby faces of the crimped tape came in contact, the solder naturally minimized its surface area remaining in contact with the water.
Therefore the selection of the peelable solder mask depends less on the required temperature resistance during processing than on the surrounding conditions: The need to tent plated through-holes or achieve a high definition requires the use of special thixotropic or highly thixotropic inks.
Solder is the "linchpin of electronics manufacturing," says Jack Geibig, acting director of the Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies at the University of Tennessee.
Six lead-free solder compositions were identified that exhibit fatigue performance during cycling up to 160[degrees]C of a wide range of surface mount components which is superior to the industry standard eutectic Sn-Ag alloy.
and I suspect the prices of lead-free solders will drop.