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The solder ball and fixture technique was performed on several site locations.
Nordson DAGE use a special technique called Hot Pin Pull testing which involves attaching a test probe to an individual solder ball with a controlled temperate / time profile.
It is inevitable that solder ball metallurgies will change as industry learns more about the performance of lead-flee technologies," said Jim McElroy, CEO of iNEMI.
the world's largest provider of independent semiconductor manufacturing that the solder ball produced from the patented alloy performs better than the currently available Sn-Ag-Cu solder.
039" probes, were striking the solder ball and glancing away at full test actuation and extension.
The solderless pressure mount spring probes allow easy mounting of the socket to a test board and device solder ball or pad, while socket locating posts ensure accurate positioning of the socket to the board.
Of course, it is desired that the physical characteristics of the replaced solder ball be the same or very similar to the original solder ball.
Solder bumping onto a socket is performed by printing paste or pin-transfer flux onto the pin head, followed by solder ball placement and reflow.
In an overview of the Products of the Year Awards in the January issue of Electronic Products, Managing Editor Bryan DeLuca stated: "Molex's Solder Charge surface-mount attach technology is more precise than melting a solder ball onto a metal lead.
One theory explains this is caused by variations in cooling rates when the solder ball was initially formed.