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Visual appearance of lead-flee soldered joints may be duller or there may be a mixture of dull and shiny joints.
This pattern could, of course, be sequentially soldered using a single nozzle, with the time needed to solder the entire pattern estimated at about 40 sec.
5Ag solder, soldered with the flux, a finer morphology of the new-formed phase was revealed, whereas in case of joint fabricated with Sn6Ag4TiCe solder without flux, a coarse morphology was observed, see Fig.
The solderpot temperature setting depends on the type of solder, but also may be related to the product to be soldered (i.
With practice, you'll know by feel when you've successfully soldered a joint.
The selective aperture fixture effectively masks the areas previously soldered in the SMT reflow and non-selective wave soldering process, while exposing only those areas to be selectively soldered.
The target was soldered by application of Cr/Ni/Ag system of layers and really tested in practice.
If the solder does not cover the pad on the topside of the board and has not traveled to the top of the plated through-hole, then the joint is incompletely soldered.
Following these basic steps, I successfully soldered a few joints and congratulated myself on becoming a skilled plumber.
These units raise board temperature while the previously heated board is being fluxed and soldered in the selective machine.
The PCB is a Pb-free design and the TFBGAs were soldered with SAC 305 paste.