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The median annual wage for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers was $40,240 in May 2017.
A report on renewable energy and energy efficiency by Roger Bezdek for the American Solar Energy Society found that a 250-person wind turbine manufacturer needed engine assemblers, machinists, machine tool operators, mechanical engineers,, welders, cutters, solderers and brazers and a vast number of other skill-sets.
Major occupations associated with risk of lead poisoning Battery makers Metal grinders Bronzers Painters Brass workers Pigment makers Lead burners/smelters Pipe cutters Cable makers/splicers Pottery workers Stained glass makers Printers (lino/electrotype) Gun shot makers Solderers Jewelers Welders Table II.
And as they marched towards the factory with banners flying, they sang that well-known hymn -- Onward Crisp Bin Solderers.
Decreased glomerular filtration rate, in solderers exposed to cadmium.
Chemical and physical agents that are reproductive hazards for women in the workplace include: cancer treatment drugs (health care workers, pharmacists); certain ethylene glycol ethers (electronic and semiconductor workers); carbon disulfide (viscose rayon workers); lead (battery makers, solderers, welders, radiator repairers, bridge repainters, firing range workers, home remodelers); ionizing radiation such as X-ray and gamma rays (health care workers, dental personnel, atomic workers); and strenuous physical labor (many types of workers).