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ColdHeat(TM) innovative Pro Soldering Tool now available on ColdHeat.
These kits join the 25 and 50-Watt Professional Soldering Kits released earlier in 2014.
In case of other solders, soldering was perfomed with flux application.
As observed in the experiment, the varying surface tension and density of SnCuNi make selective soldering very challenging.
As a rule, only particularly temperature-resistant peelable solder masks are suitable for multiple soldering, as in SMD technology, although the suitability of these inks must be warranted for each soldering process.
The maximum heat-resistance-assured temperature of reflow soldering is increased from the present 240 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius for Lead(Pb)-Free soldering.
American Beauty's V36G series of industrial soldering stations are compact, bench top units with detachable stands and dross collection sponges that provide adjustable tip temperatures from 175A to 1100AF.
While laser soldering is a highly controlled, automated process, the difficulty is presenting the board and component to the laser machine so it can solder the joint.
Key words: PVD target, soldering, solderable coating, [Al.
A wave soldering process breaks down into the following categories:
There have been no reports of weak, brittle solder joints from wave soldering with tin-copper-nickel.